The Institute of Christ the King in Sweden runs its apostolate without paid employees – all work is done voluntarily. The only money received from the Diocese is the Canon’s salary – we receive no money from either the government or the Institute’s mother house in Italy. To maintain the apostolate we are dependent on financial help, mainly through the Sunday collection, but also from financial gifts and donations. These contributions are used for various purposes; first and foremost for the Holy Mass, where items such as hosts, incense, candles etc. are regularly needed, as well as proper vestments and similar items. Rent is, of course, a regular expense and also the propers of the Mass in Swedish that we provide for Sundays and feasts. Travel costs can be significant because of the demand for the Holy Mass from various parts of Sweden and several different parts of the country are visited each year. Conversely, we are visited by other Canons as replacements during vacations and we cover their expenses.

If you would like to contribute to the work in our apostolate and thereby help to spread the Catholic faith in Sweden, you are most welcome to make a donation or to contribute to the Sunday collection.

SWISH 123 500 51 37
BG 519-0509
IBAN SE88 6000 0000 0007 8391 0568

Many thanks!

The Stella Maris Fund

The Institute of Christ the King in Sweden has initiated a
fund named ”Stella Maris”, with the purpose of acquiring a church building
of our own in Stockholm. We have opened a special account for this project, and
if you want to contribute to this fund with a donation, you are welcome
to do so by using (in Sweden) the account BG 5494-4269, or SWISH: 123 260 11 28.
From abroad: IBAN: SE52 6000 0000 0003 0455 2348 BIC: HANDSESS (Account holder:
Kristus Konungens Institut i Sverige, Pelargatan 13, SE-121 47 Johanneshov,
Stockholm, SWEDEN). God bless you for your support!